Online Course

Prepare an easy to comprehend and visually appealing online course in your particular niche, be it learning the basics of photography, how to write an essay for school, etc. and spread the word for its promotions.

What you’ll do:
a) Create an informative online course using video, audio & comprehensible content
b) Promote online course via ads or affiliate marketing
c) Gain passive income through subscribers

Having a successful online course can fetch you up to Rs 100K, making it the best business in India.

Online Courses in Entrepreneurship

There are a great number of opportunities to learn about the entrepreneurial world from online courses. MIT offers Becoming an Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship 101: Who is Your Customer?, Entrepreneurship 102: Do You Have A Product?, and Entrepreneurship 103: Show Me The Money.

Berklee College of Music also offers Creativity & Entrepreneurship, a course that introduces learners to new skills and provides real-world examples from renowned entrepreneurs and innovators.

The Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore offers a MicroMasters program in Entrepreneurship, which entails work in four courses: Marketing Management, Entrepreneurship: DO Your Venture, People Management for Entrepreneurs, and Accounting and Finance.

For a wider perspective, Harvard University offers Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies, a study of how entrepreneurs tackle complex social problems in emerging economies around the world.

Earning in Entrepreneurship

Every new business is different and can start out with a broad spectrum of capital, logistical challenges, overhead, and debt. As such, it’s difficult to say how much an entrepreneur will make when starting out.

According to the online career-matching platform Sokanu, entrepreneurs in the United States earn a median salary of $171,610 per year. However, using data accumulated from directly from employees, users, and past and present job advertisements, the job site Indeed maintains that the average Entrepreneur salary in the United States is approximately $67,608 per year.

The correct answer is: it’s different for everyone and every business. The one constant truth is that the more knowledge an entrepreneur can gain before diving in, the better the chance of success.

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