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How to market a dog walking business

a) flyering – this might seem old fashioned but it can be an effective way to target local clients. You can print flyers and put them up in shops and veterinary surgeries – anywhere you think a potential client might see one

b) social media – do you know your TikTok from your Instagram? Videos can be especially powerful for dog walkers, because you get to share cute stories from your walks. Having a social media presence across a few platforms can help you reach a large number of clients

c) set up a business website – it’s important to have an online presence – have a look at our best website builders guide to get started on creating your business website

d) collect testimonials – testimonials from existing clients give you an edge, wherever you choose to use them – you can add them on your website, social media account, and flyers. To collect testimonials, hand out comment cards, ask for comments online, or just gather them in person

e) ask for referrals – referrals are one of the most powerful ways to grow a business – a global Nielsen report from 2012 found 92 per cent of people trust recommendations from family or friends more than advertising

f) find a niche – a niche could help your business stand out from the crowd. Are there any similar businesses in your area, and why will yours be better? Could you focus on particular breeds? Do market research and consider offering other services, such as pet grooming, to help win business

g) focus on customer service – listen to the needs of your clients, give a highly personal service and deal with any issues promptly. Always keep in mind that your clients’ pets are treasured members of their familg

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