Start your own YouTube channel in your niche, be it fashion, blogging, travel, tech, etc. and to start earning higher rewards with the ads as the views rise.

What you’ll do:
a) Create consistent, high-quality content
b) Create engaging videos
c) Interact with your following on social media
d)Work on collaborations, promotions and sponsored content

You can earn up to Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 2 lakh monthly as a YouTuber.

How to set up a YouTube channel
These guides break down the process by which you can set up a YouTube channel for your small business. Each examines an important element of creating and optimising your YouTube channel.

a) Signing up for a business YouTube account
b) Customizing your YouTube profile
c) Interacting with others on YouTube
d) Verifying your channel
e) YouTube Live
f)_Trending videos on YouTube
g) YouTubers and influencers
h) Advertising on YouTube
i) YouTube Partner Program
j) YouTube Premium
k) YouTube tips and tricks

Signing up for a business YouTube account
Most social media networks require you to set up an account before you can view content. That’s not the case with YouTube; you can view content without a YouTube account. However, an account is required for your company to upload videos and engage with other users. Membership is also required to view videos flagged as adult content.

Follow these steps to create your business YouTube account:

Sign in to your company’s Google account. If you use Gmail for your business email, you’ll use the same username and password for your YouTube account that you use for Gmail. Alternatively, you can create a new Google account that you use solely for YouTube business purposes.
Once signed in, visit YouTube’s homepage. Double-check that you’re signed in to the appropriate business account instead of your personal YouTube account.
Click on your Google account’s avatar. You’ll find this in the top right corner. It’s a small circle containing your picture (or your company’s logo if you’ve set that as your email address’s picture).
Click on “Your channel.” This option will appear in the dropdown menu that displays when you click your avatar. It’s the top option in the first batch of icons.
Choose “use a business or other name.” You’ll need to select this option to get started with a business YouTube account. You can then enter your company’s name.
Click “Create.” Then, voila! You have a business YouTube account.

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